Pollensa, a charming place

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Pollensa, located in the north of Mallorca, is one of the most charming places you can find in the Mediterranean and close to the Tramuntana mountain range. The municipality is bordered by Sa Pobla, Campanet and Alcudia. The latter is characterized by its spectacular beaches of fine sand. In addition, across the wonderful sea, is the island of Menorca.

Cala Bóquer

The Calvary and the Roman Bridge are the two most emblematic tourist attractions. It is also worth mentioning its great cultural movement with its music festivals and art exhibitions.

The village was founded by King Jaume I in 1229 and its history is marked by the inhabitants of the village by the night of 30 to 31 May, the date on which the troops of Dragut attacked the village. It is worth noting that for a long lost of time, in Roman times, Pollentia (Pollensa) was the capital of the Balearic Islands.

Why to invest in Pollensa?

Spectacular natural beauty

Puerto de Pollensa, located 5 km from the town, has a wonderful promenade and wide beaches. The crystal clear water that surrounds Sant Vicenç also bathes a large number of coves that are perfect to enjoy in winter for hiking or in summer for swimming. Nor can we forget Formentor, where you can lose yourself in love with its marvellous views and its great botanical richness.

Another great opportunity that Pollensa offers us is that all year round you can enjoy cycling and hiking activities. All of this is thanks to its great climate all year round.

A great source of investment

As we have already mentioned, Pollensa is one of the municipalities par excellence for tourists who want to visit the island. That is why many investors are investing in real estate that is guaranteed to always be a great option for summer rentals or short term sales.
In recent years, many people have adapted their homes as holiday homes for the spring-summer season or refurbished them in order to sell them and make a profit in the long term.

Rustic charm

The buildings in Pollensa tend to stand out for their rustic design. Their plots are always well kept and never lose their charm. In addition, it is worth mentioning that these buildings are built with the natural resources that our mother earth offers.
Its spectacular yacht club
The yacht club located in Puerto de Pollensa offers a wide variety of services so that you can moor your boat, yacht or sailboat and enjoy its exquisite and quality restaurant service. Its design and building is spectacular. It also has a leisure and bar service with a swimming pool.


If you want to enjoy Pollensa’s nightlife, you can do so in its historic square where you can find a wide variety of bars and restaurants. Its services are spectacular. You can also go to Puerto de Pollensa, where you will find its symbolic Discotheque, Pubs and bars with billiards, table football and terraces with sea views.


Pollensa is perfectly communicated with the other municipalities of the northern area. You can travel by bus or car to any place in a short space of time. The main motorway is only 12 km from the municipality where you can reach the capital in less than 1 hour.

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