Our working philosophy

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Our work philosophy is governed by a basis that operates on the basis of transparency and honesty. One of the fundamental pillars of our company is communication in order to correctly manage each project and satisfy the needs of our clients. In this way, any problems that may arise in projects can be solved more easily.Satisfying our employees and clients makes them feel excited and involved in all the projects we carry out. Our involvement with them creates a very satisfactory emotional bond. The loyalty that we transmit makes them feel proud to work and bet on us.

We have been operating as a construction company for more than thirty years and have always been guided by our policy of corporate social responsibility and sound business ethics. Thanks to this, during our period of activity we have built, refurbished and rehabilitated on the island of Mallorca. We were born in Pollensa, a historical and symbolic place located in the north of the island, but it is worth mentioning that we have worked in the most emblematic places of the island and areas such as: Alcudia, Bonaire, Mal Pas, Manresa, Puerto de Pollensa, Cala Sant Vicenç, Son Serra de Marina, Andratx, Puerto Andratx, Formentor….
Below, we will point out some of the points of how we operate in our sector:

  • Our clients
    We like to establish a lasting relationship and take care of them. In our work we generate mutual trust based on good treatment and transparency. We promote clear and responsible communication between them. We ensure their peace of mind and keep them informed at all times about the process of the projects being carried out.
  • Our employees
    We respect their rights as workers and promote equal opportunities without discrimination. We provide work flexibility so that they can reconcile their work and family life. We respect their working hours and their freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.
  • Society and the environment
    We care about society and the environment, that’s why at López Chacón S.L. we are committed to recycling our natural resources. We control the emission of gases and the prevention of air, water and soil pollution.
  • Business and compliance
    As a company we are committed to complying with the law and the Code of Conduct. We reject all corrupt behaviour and prevent illegal conduct. We obey our tax responsibilities and comply with our tax obligations to operate correctly within the tax framework.
  • Suppliers
    We apply a responsible purchasing policy and provide full and transparent information. We comply with our payments and manage all movements in a correct way together with a great cooperation.

To finish with this blog, we would like to thank again all the clients who trust in our construction company based in Pollensa, the workers who are part of our staff, the suppliers we work with and we open the doors to all the people or companies who would like to know our company in the future.

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